Why People Leave Their MLM Business

Anyone who's been involved in building an MLM business will know that people will leave you and the business they were building literally overnight. You can go to bed with the knowledge that you have 50 paid members on your team, for example, only to wake up to find you've now got 45.
Thoughts race through your mind, "What happened to my team?" "Did I do something wrong? Why did some of my key leaders just disappear?" Well, the answer to this question is not as straight forward as you might like it to be. There are, however, some general reasons why people pack their bags and move on, and they can be grouped into three main categories:
1) Personal circumstances: Some people encounter personal issues that hinder them from being able to actively build their respective businesses, this happened to me once. A couple of years ago I was faced with some personal issues where my only logical choice was to leave the MLM industry altogether.
I actually thought I'…

Does Safelist Marketing Work?

Does Safelist Marketing work? That is a good question to ask, especially if you're trying to find new leads for your business. The short answer to this question is Yes. The long answer requires a little more of an explanation.
Many people just starting out, with an online business, sooner or later discover safelist marketing. This is what happened to me and no doubt has happened with you. I can honesty say, from personal experience, that saflelist marketing does work.
I can also confidently tell you that safelist marketing will work for you as well. However, it will only work for you if you know what you're doing. A common complaint I see being thrown around in forums and social media sites, is that "safelist marketing just doesn't work." Or "safelists only deliver junk traffic." Really?! Then how come I'm getting subscribers everyday from safelists? How come I'm building my business almost exclusively from safelist mailers?
The answer to that …

TrafficWave Review - An Affordable Robust Autoresponder

As an affiliate marketer sooner or later you're going to need to consider adding an autoresponder to your marketing portfolio. Truth be told, you can't really make a good income without such a tool. So what exactly is an autoresponder?
An autoreponder is a program that delivers email messages to your own subscriber base on auto pilot. All you have to do is a little work on the front end, then set and forget, well almost. There is a little regular maintenance to be performed but it's really no big deal, not in my opinion anyway.
Every truly successful affiliate marketer will have this tool in their marketing portfolio, and with good reason. Sales are made on a continual basis once you've got everything set up correctly. I've heard testimonials of marketers making several thousand dollars just from one email.
This is no exaggeration, it actually happens all the time! There's a saying in the affiliate marketing world that you're going to hear sooner or later…

6 Keys To Unlocking Affiliate Marketing Profits

It's always one of those, "I can't believe it's true" moments for new affiliates when they discover the world of affiliate marketing. It's the realization that you don't have to worry about product development, shipping, handling customer complaints, or dealing with refunds that excite new comers the most, not to mention the money that can be made.
Yes it's certainly a wonderful moment when the penny drops about the awesome potential that affiliate marketing offers. However this feeling of euphoria, over the endless possibilities that lie ahead, must be tempered just a little with some down to earth business building disciplines. 
The Following Six Keys Are Foundational To Unlocking Affiliate Marketing Profits
1) Patience:

This is probably the most overlooked business building discipline among newbie marketers today. When a person is exposed to the raw potential of affiliate marketing, a good deal of excitement will be bubbling away inside. This excitem…

Affiliate Marketing - The Basics For Newbies

If you're on this page I assume you know very little about affiliate marketing and you're wondering what it's all about, and if you can actually make money from this industry. I asked myself this question around ten years ago, and what I discovered lead me directly into the wonderful world of online marketing.
So can you actually make money from affiliate marketing? Yes! Some people are making bucket loads of money, some people are making a reasonable living, and some people are content just to make a little extra each month to pay the mortgage or save for that dream vacation.
You most likely won't be making loads of money overnight or even in your first year of affiliate marketing, but if you're willing to become a student and put into practice whatever you learn you'll be on your way to creating an additional income for yourself.
One of the most important keys to building a profitable online affiliate marketing business is patience. Success will not happen o…

Network Marketing - My Honest Experience

With much enthusiasm, I first got involved with network marketing about ten years ago (at time of this post). I could see its potential to make me wealthy or at least financially independent. The reality for me, however, was something totally different.
Hi, my name is Paul Beamon and this is my story:
Actually my story, with network marketing, began in 1998 when I met a bloke at a church meeting. This guy was into Amway and he was really passionate about his business which got me curious. Long story short, after a lengthy discussion with this guy he invited me to see a business presentation.
What he shared with me made a lot of sense so I jumped in feet first boots and all. I don't know if you know anything about Amway, but at the time when I joined there was no Internet marketing for network marketers. Basically you had to invite all your family and friends and once you're done annoying them you had to approach complete strangers, yuk!
Now this might be okay for some people,…