Affiliate Marketing - The Basics For Newbies

affiliate training for newbies
If you're on this page I assume you know very little about affiliate marketing and you're wondering what it's all about, and if you can actually make money from this industry. I asked myself this question around ten years ago, and what I discovered lead me directly into the wonderful world of online marketing.

So can you actually make money from affiliate marketing? Yes! Some people are making bucket loads of money, some people are making a reasonable living, and some people are content just to make a little extra each month to pay the mortgage or save for that dream vacation.

You most likely won't be making loads of money overnight or even in your first year of affiliate marketing, but if you're willing to become a student and put into practice whatever you learn you'll be on your way to creating an additional income for yourself.

One of the most important keys to building a profitable online affiliate marketing business is patience. Success will not happen overnight, anyone who tells you otherwise is outright lying to you. Success only comes from patiently working on your business, I know this from personal experience.

One of my online businesses took two years of hard patient work to start seeing positive results. At this point of my online career I had built my self a reasonable part time income. Actually this particular business was a combination of affiliate and network marketing, but that's another story. I am no longer building this business, click here to see why.

You may have heard the old saying, "once you put your hand to the plow don't stop." Well this is true for any business and affiliate marketing is no exception. With this in mind let's move onto what affiliate marketing actually is.

Affiliate Marketing - A Brief Explanation

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someones else's product for a commission. On one side of the equation you have the creator/seller of the product and on the other side you have the customer. The affiliate marketer is the middle man, he/she is the person who connects the seller to the customer. When the customer makes the purchase, you get paid a commission.

In most cases the affiliate marketer (middle man) is unseen in the transaction. It's only the vendor (product creator/seller) who knows you're there. Affiliate marketing is unique in this way.

The products that affiliate marketers sell can be digital, physical, or a combination of both. Many affiliate marketers choose digital products because of how easy they are to ship to the customer  (instant download). The vendor takes care of collecting payment from the customer so you don't have to worry about chasing money.

Affiliate marketing can be somewhat daunting for the beginner, however, with a little education you'll soon come understand the basics, and with a little persistent effort on your part you'll soon be up and running.

Affiliate Marketing Education

As with any new business venture, whether it be a brick and mortar business, a franchise, or an affiliate marketing business, you'll have to learn how the business works. Your education will be ongoing, especially with affiliate marketing. I've been around this industry for a little over ten years and I'm still learning new things, which I happen to really enjoy.

When it comes to affiliate marketing you should adopt the view that you're going to be a life time student. You'll need to do this because online marketing is constantly evolving and you need to stay abreast of the changes if you want your business to experience continual growth.

Thankfully, because of the Internet, it's not hard to find top quality training resources. I recommend you begin your training by searching for affiliate marketing blogs, and forums. The Warrior forum is one of the best, in my opinion, click here to visit. I also highly recommend John Crestani's affiliate marketing training for beginners. You can access his free video/webinar training through this link.

Finding Affiliate Marketing Products

Products are not hard to find online, but the trick is to find the ones that are already selling like crazy; products that help people to solve their problems work best. For example, digital weight loss programs help people to solve their problem of losing weight, so they sell really well. The weight loss industry is huge, it's a multi-billion dollar industry now.

Three very good online vendors: 

ClickBank: This site deals almost exclusively with digital products, and they take care of all payments and refunds. Commission percentages range from 50%-90%, click here to visit.

JVZoo: This site also provides digital products that you can market for profit with varying commission payouts, click here to visit.

Amozon: This site provides both digital and physical products. Do be aware, however, that if you choose to market physical products your commission percentages will be much lower, usually in the range of 5%-30%. I have heard of affiliate marketers making big dollars selling high ticket items from this company, so if selling physical products sounds like your thing this company would a great place for you to start, click here to visit.

Marketing Affiliate Products

As an affiliate marketer much of your work is going to be actually 'marketing products' and following up with you customers. Don't worry you won't have to deal with customers over the phone or anything like that. Savvy marketers set up systems to do all the follow up work automatically, but more on that in another post.

Most affiliate marketers, in the beginning, start out with social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter. Once you've found a product that you like and feel confident to recommend to your friends, you're ready to go. A word of warning: Never add an affiliate link to a social media post. Most social media platforms will block or even ban your account for spamming.

The most successful marketers, using social media to sell affiliate products, don't break the rules. They keep their post on a purely social level. They will often post a personal testimony about how a certain product has solved a particular problem for them, and then they wait to see who will engage with them in the comment section. 

Social Media Affiliate Strategy

Here's a simple free strategy to get you started:

1) Purchase a product you like so that you can test its claims. If the product works for you (has solved a problem for you), make a post to your favorite social media site telling people how that particular product has helped you. Do not include your affiliate link. Tip: Video testimonials work best.

2) Wait for people to converse with you about your product, and don't be pushy. If a person likes the results you got from your product they'll ask you for more information.

3) Once you've been asked for more information, you then take the conversation to private chat where you can share your link, it's really that simple. As I mentioned earlier in this post, you'll need to exercise a good deal of patience because people need to come to know, like, and trust you before they'll buy anything from you, and that takes time.

I mentioned earlier that as an affiliate marketer you're the middle man between buyer and seller and that you're mostly unseen. Well, one of the exceptions to this rule is the social media marketing strategy where you're obviously right out there for all to see. 

This, however, should not be a problem for you because you're not hard selling anyone you're just sharing your experiences and waiting for people to connect with you over the product.


There are many ways to market affiliate products, of which I'll be sharing at least some of them in up-coming posts. For now though, I recommend starting out using the above social media strategy to get things rolling.

Money can and is being made with affiliate marketing, and there is a very real possibility that you too can cash in on this multi-billion dollar industry. You just need a little inner fortitude, determination, and above all a belief that you can and will succeed.

Paul Beamon
Disclosure: I may receive a small commission from affiliate links in this post.


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