Why People Leave Their MLM Business

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Anyone who's been involved in building an MLM business will know that people will leave you and the business they were building literally overnight. You can go to bed with the knowledge that you have 50 paid members on your team, for example, only to wake up to find you've now got 45.

Thoughts race through your mind, "What happened to my team?" "Did I do something wrong? Why did some of my key leaders just disappear?" Well, the answer to this question is not as straight forward as you might like it to be. There are, however, some general reasons why people pack their bags and move on, and they can be grouped into three main categories:

1) Personal circumstances: Some people encounter personal issues that hinder them from being able to actively build their respective businesses, this happened to me once. A couple of years ago I was faced with some personal issues where my only logical choice was to leave the MLM industry altogether.

I actually thought I'd never return, but here I am! After sorting things out, both within and without, I've been able to relaunch my MLM career, thankfully!

2) Negative family and friends: When people first start out in the MLM industry, their family and friends can often be their undoing. No sooner than having started their new business their family and/or friends start criticizing them for having a go. It does not take very long for negative comments to ruin a persons dreams. 

People who listen to constant negativity usually last no longer than a month after starting an online business. It's a real shame that people choose to listen to their negative peers rather than listening to people who are actually making a living online and can teach them to do the same. A word of advice: Be careful who you tell about what you're doing.

There will always be multitudes of people ready to give you "advice" about how you're being scammed, and how you're never going to make it because you've never finished anything you've ever started, blah blah blah!

My advice, keep quiet until you've got something to talk about. For example, when you're earning a consistent couple of hundred dollars a month, maybe it's time to tell them what you're doing. Personally, I would not say anything until you're earning about one thousand dollars a month, but that's just my opinion.

3) Unreal expectations: Some people (more than I care to count) come into the MLM industry expecting to make a lot of money fast. These false expectations usually come from hyped up marketing that promises the newbie affiliate loads of money faster than they ever dreamed. These idiotic 'hype marketers' are only doing themselves harm because once the newbie affiliate sees that they're not going to make truck loads of money overnight, they run as far away and as fast as they can.

What to do when people leave

The first thing you need to do, is not freak out when someone leaves your team. Just let them go and move onto the next person. You must realize that people will always leave your team no matter what you do. Excepting this will help you to get on with building your business.

Secondly, understand that building a MLM business is all about sifting and sorting people. If for example someone leaves your team, simply consider them sifted out and most likely not qualified for your team. What you're looking for are people who 'get it. You're looking for people who have realistic goals and are prepared to commit themselves to at least twelve months of consistently working their business, and you're looking for people who are willing to take massive action.


The MLM industry suffers attrition (people leaving) like any other business does, but it's how you handle this attrition that will set you apart from people who give up so quickly. While it can be discouraging to lose people, if you embrace this as just part of your business building experience you'll never feel discouraged again.

Any MLM business that's worth anything is a business that's full of qualified people who get on with the job of investing themselves into their businesses and teams. Every MLM business that's being built this way will be around for a long time providing its owner with awesome relationships and an enviable income to boot.

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Paul Beamon